Haunted Ireland Adventure – 7 Day Tour

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Starting at $1,095 pp for a self-drive tour or $1,695 pp for a chauffeured tour!

Ireland is the realm of legend and mystery – consider the likes of Cu Chulainn, Fionn Mac Cumhaill, and the Tuathau De Danaan who later went underground in the fairy mounds to become “Na Daoine Sidhe” the Good Folk. Leap Castle is considered the most haunted castle in Ireland, and Castle Leslie has its share of poltergeists; by the banks of the Shannon, you may see a “Phuca” or two. It will take a brave soul to venture amid cold drafts, shrieks and bumps in the night!!!

This is a fantastic adventure tour that includes some of Ireland’s most beautiful scenery, culture, and amazing history. Stay at two of Ireland’s most esteemed and luxurious properties, Kinnitty Castle and Castle Leslie.

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Please keep in mind that we can customize a tour to your particular needs. Perfect for families, small groups and couples traveling together. For groups of four or more we highly recommend a private driver/guide with private transport.


Day 1: Birr, Co. Offaly

Arrive Dublin Airport and pick up your rental. Drive to Offaly for your 4-night stay at Kinnitty Castle with a stop en route at Kilkea Castle, built in 1180 and the oldest inhabited Castle in Ireland. Local folklore maintains that the castle is haunted by the ghost of Earl “the Wizard” Gerald and the presence of “evil” symbolized in the famous Evil Eye Stone located there.

Horse-riding and shooting are specialties at Kinnitty Castle, and it is most famous for its long and turbulent history. The castle was destroyed in 1209 and was later rebuilt by the Norman’s in 1213. It’s said to be haunted by the 11th Earl of Kildare. (Kinnitty Castle, 4-Nights)

Day 2: Leap Castle

If you dare, you can visit the most haunted castle in Ireland – Leap Castle. Leap Castle certainly is home to many secrets of a dark and mysterious past. Over 400 years ago in what is now known as the “Bloody Chapel” a shocking murder occurred between one brother and his priest brother during high mass.

Another source of evil at Leap Castle is a hidden ubliet (dungeon) located off the bloody chapel. It was a small room with a drop floor. Those who were forgotten within this room suffered unimaginable pain and misery until their death. Around c.1900 workmen who where hired to clean out the ubliet made a hideous discovery, human skeletons laid piled on top of each other.

Because of its extremely bloody history Leap Castle has always had a reputation for being haunted, a reputation so strong local people avoided it at night. Completely gutted by fire, Leap Castle was boarded up and its gates were locked for over 70 years. Locals have described seeing the windows at the top of the castle “light up for a few seconds as if many candles were brought into the room” late at night. The castle laid in ruin for years.

Day 3: Charleville Forest Castle & Killua Castle

Today, visit Charleville Forest Castle, complete with Druid’s Initiation Circle as well as dark, spooky catacombs and a tower that the late Charles Bury, First Earl of Charleville, still walks. Many orbs “ghostly balls of light” have been spotted throughout the castle to remind us all that we are not alone.

Drive north to Westmeath to visit Killua Castle, one of the most romantic ruins in the country. Built in 1780 and later converted to the Gothic style, it was owned by the ancestors of Lawrence of Arabia, who visited it himself. The house was long ago abandoned, but when it was still in use, visitors often complained of things that went bump in the night. A white phantom was said to circle the ruins, and a hideous, evil-eyed figure was often sighted within the walls. This spector was said to be the ghost of an 18th century land steward called Jacky Dalton. A small, cunning man with a “weasel eye” and a strange yellow wig, he cheated his master out of a lot of money, then drank it all and committed suicide by throwing himself in the lake. A recipe for an unquiet spirit…

Day 4: Clonony Castle

Visit Clonony Castle. This great, square ruin of a tower in the middle of Offaly looks creepy enough. It dates back to the 16th century, and has a connection with Anne Boleyn, whose cousins are buried in a cave beneath the castle. The ghost that people see is that of a man, seen standing on top of the tower in old-fashioned dress. His identity remains a mystery, but he is still regularly seen by passing motorists at night, who have described a tall, thin, almost skeletal figure, surrounded by a hazy, luminous light. Most unsettling.

Day 5: Castle Leslie, Glasson, Co Monaghan

Castle Leslie is set amid 1,000 acres of breathtaking scenery. For over 300 years it has been the family home of the eccentric Leslie family and has over successive generations been host to many celebrities such as Sir John Betjeman, WB Yeats,  Mick Jagger, and Paul McCartney. The Castle was designed in the Scottish Baronial style by Charles Lanyon and W.H. Lynn in 1870 AD for Sir John Leslie, 1st Baronet MP. It is situated on the site of an earlier castle and, therefore, it never had any particular defensive purpose.

The Red Room in this beautiful castle is said to be haunted by Norman Leslie, who was killed during the first world war. Apparently his mother Lady Marjorie was sleeping in this room one night and awoke to see his ghost standing near the foot of her bed, apparently looking through some letters. After a while this apparition of her dead son turned to her, smiled, and then faded away. There have been many other strange happenings reported in this fascinating castle, such as bells ringing of their own accord and strange figures wandering down corridors.

Day 6: Glens of Antrim & Giants Causeway

An hour drive north-east of Castle Leslie you reach the provincial capital of Ulster, Belfast. Head for Carrickfergus and then on to Larne, leave the beaten track and follow the spectacular, uncongested coastal route through villages where time has stood still. Enjoy the breath-taking Nine Glens of Antrim . . . cross the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge and marvel at Dunluce Castle, perched dramatically on towering cliffs high above the North Channel. Visit the oldest distillery in the world at Bushmills and end the day at the amazing Giant’s Causeway.

Day 7: Depart Dublin Airport

Trip Pricing

$1695 Per Person Chauffeur Driven Itinerary – based on 8 – 12 traveling together
$1095 Per Person Self Drive Itinerary – based on 2 or 4 traveling together














Tour Includes:
  • Confirmed Reservations at "Haunted" Country Castles for 6 nights
  • Full Irish Breakfast each day
  • Self-Drive Car, unlimited miles, tax, CDW Insurance OR Upgrade to the services of a Professional Driver/Guide, luxury car or mini-van, including all driver expenses
  • All taxes and service charges
  • Concierge service in Ireland while travelling
  • Touring Map of Ireland
  • Travel Documents and Personalized Itinerary
  • Prices based on per person sharing. Single supplement will be additional. Call for details.
  • Kilkea Castle
  • Kinnitty Castle
  • Leap Castle
  • Charleville Forest Castle
  • Killua Castle
  • Clonony Castle
  • Castle Leslie
  • Giants Causeway